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Tips to save time and money when shipping from China to USA


Tips to save time and money when shipping from China to USA

Here are some tips you can use to save time and money when shipping from China to USA:


Track Chinese Holidays

This is an easy thing to do, but many importers forget to check this. In addition to the closure of most companies during this time, there was also port congestion at the time, as many merchants wanted to ship as quickly as possible. Not knowing about Chinese holidays can cause your shipments to be delayed.


Choose an experienced company

If you are new to importing, choosing a Chinese company to work with can be tricky. Working with experienced suppliers and freight forwarders is one way you can be sure to keep the issues you may face to a minimum.


Complete customs clearance paperwork

One of the reasons that can cause delays in the arrival of your shipment is the failure to properly complete customs clearance paperwork. If the paperwork is incomplete or details are missing, your shipment will stop at customs.


Most of the time, mistakes are honest mistakes. But there are also suppliers who deliberately err in order to make more money. Make sure you choose a supplier that has worked with US customers before. You can find out in a number of ways.


File ready

Make sure all your shipment documents are ready before arrival. One of the most important documents you will need is the International Security Declaration or ISF.


Remember, the shipper will submit an ISF even if they don't have all the information about the shipment. They usually do this even before the cargo is loaded onto the ship. You can now make changes to the ISF before the shipment reaches the destination port.


Remember, if your shipment arrives without an ISF, or if the information is filled out incorrectly, you may be fined. Fines can be as high as $5,000. Other documents required to pass through customs include:


Entry or Immediate Delivery Forms

Bill of lading

Certificate of Origin Commercial Invoice

packing list

If you are shipping the goods by sea, then you should have enough time to prepare all these documents.


Find the right time for your shipment

As you become more experienced in importing from China, certain periods of shipping from China to USA will be more expensive. For example, shipping may be more expensive during the holidays when there will be a shortage of workers willing to work.


Choose the right time for your shipment and save a lot of money.


packaging efficiency

This can be a bit difficult to implement since you won't be the one who actually packs it, but you can ask your supplier if there is a way to pack your item in a more efficient way, saving the space it will take up.

However, it is more important that your products are packaged in such a way that they will not be damaged in transit.


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Tips to save time and money when shipping from China to USA

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