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What is a high temperature bearing? Features and installation of high temperature bearing

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High-temperature bearing

The so-called high-temperature bearing refers to the working temperature higher than that of the ordinary bearing, and the bearing with the general working temperature above 150 ° is called high-temperature bearing.

Features of high-temperature bearing:

1. Lifetime lubrication, no grease is added during use.

2. Cost performance is high; the quality is dozens of times higher than the quality of ordinary bearings.

3. We have won the trust of our customers with a long service life. Lily

4. High-temperature bearing is widely used in metallurgy, kiln, glass, blast furnace, painting equipment, and other high-temperature operation machinery.

High temperature bearing application

High-temperature bearings are mainly used in jet engines, gas turbines, nuclear reactor systems, X-ray tube tungsten disks, and high-speed aircraft, rockets, spacecraft.

Installation of high-temperature bearing

When installing the bearing, it is necessary to apply equal pressure around the circumference of the end face of the ferrule. To install the bushing, it is strictly forbidden to use a hammer or other (metal) bulky device to directly knock the end face of the bearing to avoid damaging the bearing. Besides, if pressure is applied to one side of the ferrule (such as the outer ring), the other side of the bushing (such as the inner ring) is pressed in through the rolling body, which is often on the rolling surface It is not allowed to use it, especially to install the now separating bearing on the shaft and bearing box at the same time.In the process of heater installation, it is necessary to know the temperature range of high temperature bearing under different high-temperature bearings.

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