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MXene Flexible Material: A Tuxedo Or A Sportswear?

wallpapers Products 2020-12-16
The MAX phase material is a natural layered carbonitride inorganic non-metallic material composed of three elements. It has the electrical and thermal properties of metal, and also has the high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other harsh environment service capabilities of structural ceramics.
MAX phase materials have received extensive attention in the fields of high-temperature lubrication, oxidation-resistant coatings, accident-tolerant nuclear materials, self-healing composite materials, and energy materials. Materials scientists at home and abroad are actively carrying out a large number of exploration and research.

With the development of wearable flexible electronic technology, the demand for flexible force-sensitive sensors with high sensitivity and wide sensing range has gradually increased. MXene material has the advantages of good conductivity, high flexibility, good hydrophilicity and controllable synthesis. Become a highly potential conductive and sensitive material. But can such materials really be made into sensory tuxedos or sportswear?
Researcher Sun Jing from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences elaborated and summarized the research progress of MXene-based flexible force-sensitive sensors, microstructure design methods of sensitive materials, sensing performance and sensing mechanism.

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