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What are the applications of titanium nitride?

wallpapers News 2021-03-29
Titanium nitride has good physical and chemical properties such as high melting point, good chemical stability, high hardness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and optical properties, making it very important in various fields, especially in the field of new cermets and gold substitutes. aspect. The industry's demand for titanium nitride powder is increasing. Titanium nitride as a coating is inexpensive, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and its many properties are better than vacuum coatings. The application prospect of titanium nitride is very broad.
It is mainly used in the following aspects:
(1) Titanium nitride has high biocompatibility and can be used in clinical medicine and stomatology.
(2) Titanium nitride has a low friction coefficient and can be used as a high-temperature lubricant.
(3) Titanium nitride has a metallic luster, which can be used as a simulated golden decoration material and has a good application prospect in the gold substitute decoration industry; titanium nitride can also be used as a golden coating in the jewelry industry; it can be used as a potential material to replace WC. The application cost of materials is greatly reduced.
(4) It has super hardness and wears resistance, which can be used to develop new tools. This new type of tool has significantly improved durability and service life than ordinary carbide tools.
(5) Titanium nitride is a new type of multifunctional ceramic material. Adding a certain amount of titanium nitride to the TiC-Mo-Ni series of cermets will significantly refine the hard phase grains so that the physical properties of the ceramics are greatly improved regardless of room temperature or high-temperature conditions. The degree of improvement, and then the high-temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the cermet have been greatly improved; adding the TiN powder to the ceramic in a certain proportion can enhance the strength, toughness, and hardness of the ceramic; adding nano-titanium nitride to In the TiN/Al2O3 composite nano-ceramics, they are uniformly mixed through various methods (such as mechanical mixing), etc., and the resulting ceramic material containing nano-titanium nitride particles forms a conductive network inside. This material can be used as an electronic component in the semiconductor industry.
(6) Adding a certain amount of titanium nitride to the magnesia carbon brick can greatly improve the slag erosion resistance of the magnesia carbon brick.
(7) Titanium nitride is an excellent structural material, which can be used for steam jet thrusters and rockets. Titanium nitride alloys are also used in the field of bearings and seal rings, highlighting the excellent application effects of titanium nitride.
(8) Based on the excellent electrical conductivity of titanium nitride, it can be made into materials such as various electrodes and point contacts.
(9) Titanium nitride has a high superconducting critical temperature and can be used as an excellent superconducting material.
(10) Titanium nitride has a higher melting point than most transition metal nitrides and a lower density than most metal nitrides, making it a unique refractory material.
(11) Titanium nitride can be used as a film to be plated on glass. When the infrared reflectance is greater than 75%, when the thickness of the titanium nitride film is greater than 90nm, it can effectively improve the heat preservation performance of the glass. In addition, adjusting the percentage of nitrogen in the titanium nitride can change the color of the titanium nitride film, thereby achieving an ideal aesthetic effect.

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