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Virus spread in new museum accelerates, Italy is at risk!

wallpapers News 2020-03-13
With the development of the epidemic, Italy has become the second country with more than 10,000 diagnoses in the world. As a developed industrialized country, the fourth-largest economy in Europe and the eighth largest economy in the world, Italy will be more affected. Due to Italy's lack of domestic resources, 75% of its energy supply and primary industrial raw materials rely on imports. Affected by the new crown virus, external cooperation with Italy will gradually decrease.
The outbreak has caused losses to various industries in Italy. The tourist flow in tourism has been reduced by more than 80%, and financial losses have reached 50%. The aviation industry has reduced flights by more than 60%, the automobile manufacturing industry, the lack of supply chains, the inability to produce parts and components, and the suspension of business. In terms of education, comprehensive school suspensions have created an unprecedented crisis for the country's knowledge reserve talents. The food industry is not available. It is understood that a large number of Italians are already vying for food reserves, which will trigger riots. The catering industry is facing a large-scale shutdown, and economic losses will increase by more than 30%. As everyone knows, Italy is a kingdom of small and medium-sized enterprises. The epidemic will cause severe blows to Italian small and medium enterprises, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises may face the risk of failure. The second is the construction industry. Italy pays excellent attention to architectural aesthetics, so the Gothic architecture in Italy always brings shock.
The materials used in Italian buildings are usually stricter, so the choice of concrete is more cautious. Foam concrete is a lightweight, heat-insulating, fire-resistant, sound-proof, and frost-resistant concrete material. Excellent construction and ease, easy to pump and level, has excellent compatibility with almost all other building materials, and the strength can be adjusted. Due to its better performance and can be applied in many aspects, the production of foamed concrete will also be affected.

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