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Popular information of rolling bearings

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Methods for hot mounting of bearing

Due to the fact the 31320X SKF roller bearing within the production, there are impurities, there are steel chips, and the setup website is not necessarily clean, so positioned channel steel or unfold metallic mesh underneath the oil groove, then put the bearing, so that the oil-soaked the bearing. While the bearing is heated to 50~60℃ in the oil, flip the taking over and down to get rid of impurities. Whilst home bearings reach ninety℃, they're taken out; whilst imported bearings arrive 100℃, they're taken out. A bit of interference in the installation does no longer count. While installing the shaft, hit the internal ring with a wood or copper rod; when putting in, tap on the outer ring.

topics wanting attention after hot loading of bearing

After installation, pass the outer ring, rotate to the maximum, included perspective, and then close and align. If there are impurities inside the bearing, it is extra tough to straighten the WSBC bearing. When going through the bearing, locate the verticality of the shaft. Whilst there may be no hassle, near the container. After last the field, some people turn the shaft by means of hand. Then fill up the tank at one time so that the oil line is invisible to the oil replicate. Launch the drain hollow and drain the oil so that the oil line is among half of and a couple of/3 of the oil stage. Another time, make sure the tank is clean. If there is no mistake, the machine may be started out. After rotating for greater than ten mins, the engine can be shut down for inspection.

The position of the cage is to manual

Copper safety of tremendous warmness dissipation, slight deformation may be restored mechanically. Metal protection bearings ought to be mounted with care because they do no longer robotically recover. The setup necessities are strict. However, the service existence is longer than copper.

renovation issues, water cycle, do no longer motive water shortage

Regularly pay attention to the oil stage, well-timed supplement oil, do now not lack gas.

Consistent with the best of oil, timely exchange the oil, the new bearing started out to apply the need to alternate the oil twice; Wash the bearings with fuel or diesel when the machine stops, then flip the oil. Lack of oil, complete oil harm to the bearing, the stop result is the same. While the oil level is excessive, sufficient cooling space can not be assured. Whilst the oil degree is low, sufficient lubrication and heat dissipation can't be assured.

equipment harm is proven at the  bearing, but no longer necessarily the bearing hassle

Check the bearing first, then enlarge to others. Any manufacturer does no longer guarantees the carrier lifestyles of the bearing because of the bearing from the production, installation, use, and upkeep of all elements. Any link seems the hassle is not okay. Fan bearings require cautious use, because with a big load, and instantly come right here a whole lot of dust. For excessive-velocity rotating equipment, a piece of dust isn't k.


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