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How to choose flat shoes, every girl should know

wallpapers News 2020-04-23
Try on more. I usually buy a shoe that knows yardage. When I arrive at the store, I will let the clerk take the yardage. If I wear it correctly, I will not try on other yards. Because the sizes of different brands are different, try the smaller or larger size, and choose the most suitable shoes.
Don't buy it if you don't wear it. Many girls will be excited when they see beautiful shoes, irrational and impulsive. After buying it at home, if you don't have a suitable occasion to wear it, you will sit at home. So before consuming, consider how likely you are to wear. No matter how beautiful shoes you wear, you will lose the meaning of shoes. Version
Make friends with the shop assistant. Put, it is to have a good relationship with the clerk of the frequently visited store so that when you go, she will recommend the most suitable shoes for you according to your usual dressing. This will not only save time, but they will also give you some extra discount. Will also tell you about the new discounts so that you can save a lot of money.
Round-toed shoes show small feet. If you have big feet, don't choose pointed shoes, they will look very long. If you want round shoes, your feet will be petite, and your powers will be cute.

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