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America Electric Car Policy Is Contrary To Most Countries

wallpapers News 2020-04-16

As the world actively promotes low-carbon development, it is becoming a burden for Americans to buy and use low-carbon or even zero-carbon vehicles. In recent years, more and more states in the United States have begun to impose annual fees on electric cars and hybrid cars, and there is a trend of the increasing year by year. The proportion of annual costs in some states is even higher than the gasoline tax paid by fuel vehicles. 2020. 28 states have charged electric vehicles a yearly fee of more than the US $ 50 to the US $ 200. and 14 states have imposed annual fees on hybrid cars, and these annual fees are not included in the vehicle registration fee.

It is reported that California is the state with the most significant number of electric vehicles in the United States, accounting for about half of the nation's nation's electric vehicle sales. The country has always encouraged the use of electric cars, but now it has begun to levy an annual fee of $ 100 for 2020 electric vehicles. Alabama currently has a yearly fee of $ 200 for electric cars and $ 100 for hybrid cars. Georgia began charging electric vehicles a $ 200 annual fee in 2015 and canceled a $ 5.000 state tax credit in the same year. Although the state of Illinois adjusted the yearly cost of electric vehicles to $ 250 due to strong public opposition at the beginning of last year, it was still $ 100 higher than the gasoline tax in the state, and the state's electric vehicle market share was only 1.2%.

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