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Weft knitted upper

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Weft Knitted Upper

Nowadays, <a href="https://www.bettyshoe.com/index.html"><span style="color:#0000ff;">weft-knitted shoes</span></span></a> technology has been widely used in the shoes of major sports brands. If weft-knitted shoes are a revolutionary invention that rewrites the history of sports shoes, probably no one will object.

In 2012, since Nike released the Nike Flyknit sports shoes, an innovative product with cutting-edge technology and lightweight performance, the knitted upper technology has been paying attention.

At that time, weft-knitted shoes belonged to a product spawned by a new technology. After five years of market testing, weft-knitted shoes have greatly increased the profits of Nike and Adidas. Because the knitted upper is formed in one piece, it can reduce the waste generated by the cutting and seaming of materials. It is also known as the most environmentally friendly sports shoes in the industry.

In recent years, Nike and Adidas have revolutionized the introduction of knitted uppers and gradually used them on a variety of shoes. Other brands have also begun to follow suit. In an instant, knitted shoes that combine clothing knitting technology and sporting goods shoe technology have become sports. A hot spot in the supplies industry.

Nowadays, major brands have also set off a secret battle to develop knitted uppers, with the purpose of launching ingenious knitted shoes. Many celebrities have also become fans of knitted shoes. For example, Grammy winner The Weekend, when sports shoes use fully knitted uppers, they can fit the human foot better, and are elastic and breathable.

So, what are the advantages of weft knitted uppers?

1. Traditional sports shoe uppers are knitted by leather or warp knitting. Unlike leather and other products, knitted shoe uppers are more environmentally friendly;

2. Knitting is lighter, and consumers will not have foot odor when worn on their feet;

3. As long as the finished shoe manufacturer purchases the sole, it can be directly glued into a complete pair of shoes, which will save a lot of procedures and reduce labor costs;

4. Knitted sports shoe uppers can be formed at one time, with various patterns and colors, and the products are beautiful, light, breathable and environmentally friendly. After knitting, the shape is set by the factory and can be directly formed with the sole after glue treatment, which can save 90% of the shoe upper stitching labor for shoe companies.

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