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Leap forward! 3-d Printing Powder Titanium Powder New era Product-TR-Ti6Al4V

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Metal powder is the primary and important fabric of a metal 3-d printing manner. Luoyang Tongrun has been committed to the development of extremely good three-D printing alloy powder substances. It's far growing a brand new technology of plasma atomization (PA) milling technology, with a view to introducing newly incredible to global customers. Excessive purity round titanium alloy powder product TR-Ti6Al4V.

PA technology is one of the hotspots inside the research of worldwide three-D printing  Titanium Powder generation. Primarily based on the high thermal electricity input and constant waft atomization traits of the plasma jet, it can correctly manipulate the hole powder rate of powder, and the sphericity of powder is excessive, displaying "like water. The mobility is particularly suitable for metallic 3-d printing approaches.

3D printing powder

Plasma atomization (PA)

"All eugenics" I .nside the field of round steel powder practice generation

The PA era makes use of titanium twine as raw fabric and uses a plasma jet to soften the fence, after which impact disperses and atomizes into ultrafine droplets, which are deposited and deposited within the atomization tower, and exchange heat with the cooled argon gas delivered into the atomization tower. Cooling and solidifying into ultrafine powder

PA technique principle

As compared with plasma rotary electrode milling generation (PREP), the Titanium Powder produced with the aid of PA era has greater incredible powder and great powder yield whilst making sure high sphericity; compared with VIGA, EIGA, and different aerosolization techniques, PA even as offering the high-quality powder yield, the dust has a higher sphericity and nearly no hollow powder in the excellent powder; in comparison with the plasma spheroidization method, the PA system has better manufacturing efficiency. The total advantages of PA generation can be said to be the "all-young people" in the area of the spherical metal powder guidance era.

"three high" performance is well worth looking forward to

The titanium wire used within the PA process does not contact the reactor wall, which includes ceramics for the duration of the melting system, thereby lowering the danger of inclusions, and the organized powder has nearly no hollow powder, which guarantees the "high purity and occasional hole ratio" of the dust.

Breakthrough! 3D Printing Powder Titanium Powder New Technology Product-TR-Ti6Al4V

hollow powder test

The PA makes use of a hot atomizing fuel instead of a cold atomizing fuel to save you the debris from rapidly cooling and accumulating into an irregular form. The produced powder has the characteristics of "high sphericity."Titanium Powder

The PA procedure produces a few powder satellite powders with high sphericity. The AMC-Ti6Al4V titanium alloy powder has the traits of "high fluidity." The corridor glide rate is 30.8s/50g, which truely realizes "like water" drift.

Only recognition of professionalism, from EIGA technology to PA era, from imitation, leap forward to generation leadership, from fixing the "without or with" hassle to mass standardization guidance, AVIC Matt looks for the invention of "3-d printing spherical powder" and continues to launch the fee. Assignment the brand new top, most effective to provide the sector's quality great 3-D printing powder merchandise, make 3-d printing design substances freer, print overall performance more stable, printing price is more tremendous, and create extra price with international customers!

Titanium Powder

Luoyang Tongrun's research team has a military heritage studies history and muscular technical energy. It has correctly developed almost 20 kinds of titanium alloy, nickel-based totally alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, chrome steel, die metal, aluminum alloy, and different standard grade powder substances, which includes titanium in research. A massive number of worldwide main-edge 3-D printing substances consisting of aluminum intermetallic compounds, nickel-titanium shape reminiscence alloys, high-strength aluminum alloys, excessive-entropy alloys, and amorphous alloys.Titanium Powder

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