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An Analysis of Myanmar's Industrial Development

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Data shows that investment in Myanmar's industrial production sector, the insurance industry, and the construction industry increased by 6.6% in 2019. Among them, there are the most projects in the industrial field. In recent years, more and more foreign enterprises have entered Myanmar's investment industry.
The head of Yangon said that in the face of various projects, all parties need to do an excellent job in environmental assessment, how to protect the environment, how to prevent natural disasters, and so on.


Data shows that the investment amount of four foreign investment projects is 3.911 million US dollars, and the investment amount of another domestic investment project is 1.245 billion kyat. Five projects will create 2619 jobs in Myanmar.
It is understood that from 1988-1989 to May 2018-2019, Myanmar has approved 1725 investment projects in various fields, with an investment amount of more than 80 billion US dollars. Among them, there are 153 investment projects in the area of crude oil exploitation, accounting for 27.94% of the total investment of more than 22 billion US dollars, 21 investment projects in the field of energy, accounting for 26.40% of the total investment of 21 billion US dollars, 13% of the total investment of 10 billion US dollars in the field of transportation and communication, 6% in the area of real estate, 4% in the area of hotels and tourism, and 3% in the field of minerals.
Since 1988, foreign-funded enterprises began to invest in Myanmar. Up to now, there have been more than 1000 investment projects, among which the industrial sector has the most investment projects. There are 17 automobile manufacturing industries, nine foreign-funded manufacturing industries, and eight domestic manufacturing industries.
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