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What should be considered for the clearance selection of FAG bearings

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Clearance is an important factor in the normal operation of FAG rolling bearings, which is divided into axial clearance and radial clearance. Choosing the right clearance can make the load reasonably distributed in the FAG bearings rolling elements; it can limit the axial and radial displacement of the shaft (or housing) to ensure the rotation accuracy of the shaft; it can make the bearing normal at the specified temperature Work; reduce vibration and noise, help extend the life of the bearing. therefore. When selecting a bearing, the appropriate bearing clearance must be selected.
When selecting FAG bearings clearance, the following aspects should be considered:
(1) The working conditions of FAG bearings, such as load, temperature, speed, etc.;
(2) Requirements for FAG bearing performance (rotation accuracy, friction torque, vibration, noise);
(3) When the FAG bearing is in interference fit with the shaft and the housing hole, the bearing clearance will be reduced;
(4) When FAG bearings are working, the temperature difference between the inner ring and the outer ring causes the bearing clearance to decrease;
(5) Due to the different expansion coefficients of shaft and bearing seat materials, FAG bearing clearance decreases or increases.
According to experience, the most suitable ball bearing working clearance is close to zero; rolling bearings should maintain a small amount of working clearance. In parts that require good support rigidity, the bearing allows a certain preload value. It is particularly pointed out here that the so-called working clearance refers to the clearance of the bearing under actual working conditions. There is also a kind of clearance called the original clearance, which refers to the clearance before the bearing is installed. The original clearance is greater than the installation clearance. Our choice of clearance is mainly to choose a suitable working clearance.

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